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SEO changes from year to year. What is effective at one time can have negative effects later. In these last few years, SEO strategies have changes a lot. As a Clarkston SEO agency, we stay at the forefront of the traffic trends, helping you adapt to maintain your postitive ranking and increase your customers.

Your Manawire SEO campaign will feature in-depth strategy, experienced execution, and total transparency in all phases of our work.

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It starts with an effective strategy

An Effective SEO campaign requires an actionable plan and strategy. A technical understanding alone will not yeild an effective SEO campaign. We take the time and efford to create a customized approach to every one of our clients. This all beings with understanding your industry, and analyzing your competition.

How can you attract more customers

We've said it before and we'll say it again, Keyword research is the backbone to any SEO campaign. Understanding how your customers find you, and how your ttarget audience searches for you is crucial. Manawire's local SEO experts perform in-depth keyword research. Not only do we go attack the high volume search terms that are related to your industry, but we also check in on your local competition to see how customers are finding them.

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How Your Clarkston SEO Campaign Is Put Together

Manawire doesn’t leave the success of your SEO campaign to chance. We have proven process that ensures that the SEO campaigns we run are done professionally and efficiently, ensuring a maximum return on your investment. Your campaign workflow consists of four stages:

Manawire SEO Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Manawire will conduct in-depth research to analyze and identify popular and effective industry keywords and search terms.

We will then look for ways withyour website and within your content to incorporate relevant keywords and popular search terminology.

Manawire SEO Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Manawire will closely examine your industry compeition, their SEO tactics, and their Google search result pages.

  • We're going to create a list of your main competitors in the search results
  • Evaluate the SEO strategies, keywords, and other ranking factors of your competition
Manawire SEO On-Page

On-Page Optimization

Manawire's SEO professionals will review your website's current structure and call to actions, and evaluate your current position in search results.

We will identify critical areas for improvement, such as keyword or phrase optimized title tags and meta descriptions, internal link structure, schema markup, quality content optimizations, and call to actions.

Manawire SEO Off-Page

Off-Page Optimization

Manawire will utilize white hat ethical strategies to build valuable links to your website, boosting your page authority and increasing your search engine ankings.

Some of these links may include press releases, content writing, link wheels, social bookmarking, classified ad posting and profile links.

Think of the last time you sought out a product or service. If you're like most people, you probably used Search. Did you know that whatever business is listed in the first spot gets on average 33% of the search traffic? In fact, 60% of all search traffic goes right to the top 3 results listed. If you're not ranking on the first page then you are probably missing out completely.

Connect with the top Clarkston SEO firm. Whether you're looking for further information on Search Engine Optimizatin, currently running a campaign with another company and it's not yeilding the results you had expected, or questioning if SEO for your Clarkston business would help you, call us today at 248-636-6382 or request a quote online.

Manawire is a Clarkston Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company. We specialize in getting you in touch with your audience through Search Engine rankings. We will thoroughly review and audit your website, and that of your competition. We will then create an SEO roadmap that will outline our Search Engine Strategy that will propel your business to the top.

Nestled in the middle of Oakland County Michigan lies Clarkston. Clarkston holds a special meaning to us. We eat at the Clarkston Union. We’ve seen our favorite bands at DTE Energy Music Theatre (Yes, we also will forever know it as Pine Knob). We grew up going to Depot Park after school. But most of all, it’s because we are lucky enough to call Clarkston our home.

At Manawire, we provide our Clarkston Search Engine Optimization services to customers, clients, non-profits, and small businesses in and around Clarkston Michigan. How do we do it? Through SEO tactics like Keyword Research, Competitor Research, Building Local Citations, Generating Local Reviews, Social Media Management, and Content Marketing. We optimize Local Organic SEO so that your Clarkston customers can find you easier. Our Search Engine Optimization Services are affordable and create long lasting results. Our Search Engine Optimization is different from our competitors in Clarkston because we follow strict guidelines to get your website to the top. We create an SEO roadmap that allows you actually see the route we take to getting your website to the top of the Search Results.

Local and Organic Search Engine Optimization Strategy

  • Keyword Research
  • Local Citation Building
  • Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Back Link Building
  • Local Review Generation
  • On-Page Optimization

While this list is in no particular order, we put Keyword Research at the top because it is the backbone to any Search Engine Optimization strategy. Getting to know and understand your customers and target audience is they key to driving traffic to your website. You may think you have a good understanding of what people are typing into search engines to find your business. But more often than not, we surprise our clients by showing them high volume keywords that are not included in their website.

You can find more detailed information on Search Engine Optimization by further exploring our website, or simply by contacting us. We love what we do, and would be thrilled to talk about ways we can help your business. Contact us today and we will send you a free SEO analysis of your website.


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